Amy Simons has committed her working life to creating accessible and collaborative creative art spaces that move art-making out of the elite sphere. She has been working as an art facilitator since 2012 and completed her intensive art facilitator training in the ASTAR teaching methodology in 2015. 

Amy believes that every person is an artist and that creativity is fundamental to our growth, healing and self expression. Her art workshops are process and not product orientated. Amy is less concerned with what people make and rather concerned with what happens to the internal landscape when we create and when we are able to express ourselves without judgement.  


Amy's workshops incorporate working with memory, identity, loss, dreaming, sexuality and self expression. She uses play as a practice of letting go and allowing for change and transformation. She is committed to holding a creative space for people to delve underneath, to explore, to play, to express without words, find release and to carve out time to connect with oneself and each other.

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